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Guard Duty

What do evil henchmen think about all day?

Mother’s Day Repost!

Reposting from last year as none of this would exist without the support of my family. Especially mom.


When faced with your future what would you do?


Angel gets punished by being sent to the worst place imaginable… Earth


Sometimes a hug can save your life


What if the animals we see aren’t who we think they are?


This was for a writting group I’m in, we chose 5 random words and had to use them in a story or poem. Weird outcome but great exercise for anyone trying to get into writting.

Eye Contact

Ever make eye contact and it’s hate at first sight?

Warning, contains swearing and sarcasm, those who are fans of banjo music may be offended…. like the rest of the world feels towards banjo music.

Escaping Reality

A car passed John as he walked to work, except it wasn’t a car, it was duck with wheels being ridden by a group of uninterested businessmen. He decided to stop by the coffee shop on the corner and found a long coffee exclusive…

A Hotel with Orange Jumpsuits

This is dedicated to my cousin Andrew, who’s insight into the world of security and the legal system made my bastardization of everything he told me possible.

Mother’s Day

To My super-mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

Following A Villain!

Sometimes even villains just need a break.