Tag: Comedy

Monotonous Fire

Ever had one of those days at the office? Where your boss is being even more useless than usual?

No Service

Ever have that one friend who drags you into weird situations?

Protected: Teddy Europa

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


What is the most pointless reason for being stranded on a dessert island? find out and comment with your own pointless reasons

Gambling on training

Practice makes perfect, and sometimes money.

The Death of Tedium

Sometimes you just need to take a step outside (of reality) to appreciated the big picture

Shopping Spree

Everyone loves shopping, if only there was a way to deal with pushy sales people.

Welcome to the Digital

Chase’s routine job just got even weirder.

Rise of the Digital

A programmer named chase takes on a job that tests his very grasp of reality.


Some days it’s just hard to be a teacher.

Zombie Butterflies

Weird things happen when you got through your attic.

The A-choco-lypse Cupcake

When weird office shenanigans and magic collide!