Tag: Comedy

No Service

Ever have that one friend who drags you into weird situations?

Protected: Teddy Europa

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


What is the most pointless reason for being stranded on a dessert island? find out and comment with your own pointless reasons

Gambling on training

Practice makes perfect, and sometimes money.

The Death of Tedium

Sometimes you just need to take a step outside (of reality) to appreciated the big picture

Shopping Spree

Everyone loves shopping, if only there was a way to deal with pushy sales people.

Welcome to the Digital

Chase’s routine job just got even weirder.

Rise of the Digital

A programmer named chase takes on a job that tests his very grasp of reality.


Some days it’s just hard to be a teacher.

Zombie Butterflies

Weird things happen when you got through your attic.

The A-choco-lypse Cupcake

When weird office shenanigans and magic collide!

Gate by the ocean

How far would you go to find real magic?