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The Picnic that Never Was

When your Saturday goes wrong!

For Honour

Ever wonder what Heroes would be like in school? Hint: just like everyone else….mostly


Sometimes we’re crazy, other times maybe we’re not.

The Twelve Capers of Christmas: Day 10

Where is Santa and why is a toy company so worried about it?


Two brother, a mysterious man, weird powers.

The Spork Diner

Strange things are a foot in this Teaser story.

The Damned Shop III – The Knife

What is the knife about? and Who is this new employee?

Zoe Foreigner and the hydra’s tomb

This is an early prequel story to a book I’m working on, enjoy and let me know what you think

It’s a small world

When the world won’t listen you sometimes need to take things into your own hands

Do you want to go fast?

Some things are always harder alone

Escaping Lunch

Turned into a frog by a witch? We’ve all been there.

Free Fruit

What is free anyway?