Tag: funny

Shopping Spree

Everyone loves shopping, if only there was a way to deal with pushy sales people.

Digital for Tacos

Some days Chase really wished he’d never woken up.

Welcome to the Digital

Chase’s routine job just got even weirder.

Rise of the Digital

A programmer named chase takes on a job that tests his very grasp of reality.

Attack of the of the killer alpaca

What’s the strangest apocalypse you can think of? Maybe the Alpacalypse?


Some days it’s just hard to be a teacher.

Zombie Butterflies

Weird things happen when you got through your attic.

The A-choco-lypse Cupcake

When weird office shenanigans and magic collide!

The Picnic that Never Was

When your Saturday goes wrong!

Touch of genius

How would you save the planet?

For Honour

Ever wonder what Heroes would be like in school? Hint: just like everyone else….mostly

Perfect world

Attempt at poetry, I hope you enjoy