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What if one day, things began going after the real monsters in our world?


Always be careful what you wish for. Especially if you’re an arrogant asshole.

Lament of a Hero

When faced with the hard questions our perspective can be changed forever.

Why is the Toilet Paper on Fire VI

6. Probation “Not again.” Muttered Octavia, as she kicked at a lump of dirt on floor of her cell. A giant blood thirsty wolf happily devoured the watermelon heads of scarecrows in the corner and leaving there beaten and straw-filled carcases strewn about the…

Mother’s Day

To My super-mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

Why Is the Toilet Paper on Fire? pt. II

What happens when a blood soaked teenager meets the sandman in a graveyard? Read this to find out!

Why Is the Toilet Paper on Fire?

The first in the episodic adventures of weird and wonderous individuals