Tag: sci-fi

Before a Guardian

Prequel to Remember

Run and Hide

Run and Hide, a sequel to the story “Remember” (https://jsfigment.com/2018/11/18/remember/)

Meet a new character and tell me if you want to hear more how their stories connect.


If you could learn to change everything you see, what would you do?

True Colours

Sometimes the hardest decision is the decision to do nothing.

The Breach

Weird things happen when we push science.


Strange things occur when the universe thinks no one is looking.

Self Improvement

How far would you go to build the perfect you?


Two brother, a mysterious man, weird powers.

The Spork Diner

Strange things are a foot in this Teaser story.


Remember, your memories make you.

It’s a small world

When the world won’t listen you sometimes need to take things into your own hands


A space story!