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Nature vs nurture, what makes a monster


Two brother, a mysterious man, weird powers.

Dr. Frankencaster

Introducing another prequel preview for the book I’m working on. This one is about Rock and Roll, a heist, and a guy with wood (Not that kind of wood don’t get too excited)


Breaking news from the year 2095

Brains and Brawn

Brains and Brawn “You’re late Damon” said the woman in the alley. She wore baggy pants and a trench coat as she did her best to resemble a homeless person. It would have been more convincing if it weren’t for the bulging arms and…

Mother’s Day Repost!

Reposting from last year as none of this would exist without the support of my family. Especially mom.

Mother’s Day

To My super-mom

Happy Mother’s Day!