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Shopping Spree

Everyone loves shopping, if only there was a way to deal with pushy sales people.

The HyperBorean

Do villains deserve a second chance?

Prisms and Armour

What happens when a genius builds a suit of armour and plays with lasers?


Breaking news from the year 2095

Brains and Brawn

Brains and Brawn “You’re late Damon” said the woman in the alley. She wore baggy pants and a trench coat as she did her best to resemble a homeless person. It would have been more convincing if it weren’t for the bulging arms and…

Guard Duty

What do evil henchmen think about all day?

It’s always good to have a plan B

Stan Lee approved? woot!

A Hotel with Orange Jumpsuits

This is dedicated to my cousin Andrew, who’s insight into the world of security and the legal system made my bastardization of everything he told me possible.

Following A Villain!

Sometimes even villains just need a break.