Weird Heroes (working Title)

What happens when super powers suddenly apear? People with the incredible gifts to bend the laws of nature? Well turns out not much, human nature gets amplified, and more questions than we ever imagined. Things like “How many calories is a healthy diet for a speedster?”, “If you pass gas while phasing through a wall will it rematerialize as it leaves or only when you phase back?”, and “What created these powers in the first place and is it permanent?”

Of course Jay, hero name Breeze, doesn’t care about any of that, he is mostly concerned with doing his job as a hero with as little effort as possible. Much to the chagrin of his new partner, Phaze, who is working as a hero for community service. Jay seems completely oblivious to her idealistic attempts to right a still visibly flawed system and help as many people as she can. Of course that is the same attitude that got her arrested in the first place. Was she wrong about the world? Or is there more going on than meets the eye? And can her and her reluctant mentor find out what that might be?

Status: In Progress

Release Date: TBD